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Understanding how TikTok works and using it effectively is the key to leveraging your real estate business. If you want to generate leads organically and are looking to engage with your target audience — TikTok should be your next marketing strategy.

TikTok Is the New Search Engine

TikTok is the go-to search engine for Gen Z users. What makes this app so appealing is that its search results are convenient, relevant and up-to-date.

Using TikTok, you can search “Arlington properties” to find the most recent results that are also relevant to your location. You don’t have to spend time reading about the topic. Instead, you will come across hundreds of videos made by real people you can probably relate to.

With Google, you are more likely to get broader results that don’t exactly target you, your interests or your location.

TikTok is winning over Google Search Engine for that reason. The fact is, videos generate higher engagement than anything else, and people would rather see a visual representation of something than read about it.

What Makes TikTok So Appealing?

To start using TikTok effectively, you need to first understand what makes the app so appealing.

Other social media platforms like Instagram present a curated feed to users. This means that if an Instagram user hits the ‘like’ button on a property listing, the Instagram algorithm will put similar posts in that user’s feed. TikTok is the complete opposite.

TikTok is a non-curated space — so users normally don’t know what to expect when they go back on the app. This unpredictability ironically allows users to trust that the content they are seeing is authentic and made by someone just like them.

What Does This Mean for Your Real Estate Business?

Even if Gen Z is not your target audience (for now), people of all age groups are using the app. TikTok marketing can do 3 things for your business:

  • Organic lead generation
  • Brand exposure
  • Audience reach & engagement

Using social media channels like TikTok allows potential customers to digitally ‘window-shop’ your business or brand. This makes the perfect opportunity to not only showcase your brand but also convert leads into paying customers.

The main benefit of TikTok marketing: you have the power to engage with potential customers and give them valuable information without having to touch your marketing budget or spend long hours generating content. 

How to Leverage TikTok to Generate Leads

TikTok is a great lead generation tool and it’s free to post, making it one of the most valuable business marketing tools out there. To be successful, brands need to humanize themselves. You will need to be relatable, authentic and engaging to garner attention and show up in search results.

This means to BE YOURSELF and show others your genuine passion for real estate. Think like your target audience and create content that is valuable to them. Ask yourself — if I were a home buyer or seller, what kind of videos would I want to see? 

Once you understand this, you can implement it in 3 simple ways:

  • Make engaging content that is relatable and authentic
  • Introduce your brand in a non-disruptive way (make it fun!)
  • Make your content discoverable through search with keywords and hashtags

Adjust Your Marketing Strategy for TikTok


TikTok was made for consumers, not as a space for brands to build and grow their businesses. Scale your real estate business by understanding these 5 things about the TikTok algorithm:

  1. Relevance is the new reach

Think and act like a consumer, not a brand. TikTok users want to see content that is authentic and genuine, so prioritize being relevant to them. They can easily tell when you are tirelessly trying to sell them on something.

  1. Unpredictability

Always aim to provide content that is fresh and new. Teach your audience something new or interesting to provide value and build brand exposure. Users favor unpredictability. Not knowing what content will come up next is what keeps them on the platform longer. 

  1. What’s happening now

People go to TikTok because they want the most up-to-date information on a given topic. Make content that is timely and current. A great example of this would be to give your audience the latest update on the housing market. Doing this will build your brand’s reputation.

Make these tips a part of your TikTok marketing strategy and there’s no doubt you will be able to gain some traction on your page — TikTok makes it much easier for everyday users to go viral.

What Has TikTok Done For TopShotPro Clients?

Check out these successful TikTok marketing examples that have worked for us and our clients.

Example #1: TikTok Video – Daryl

What works well in this post:

  • Authentic – Makes an effort to connect with buyers and sellers
  • What’s happening now – talks about a recent video
  • Relatable – He makes a mistake and takes accountability for it
  • Relevant – It’s educational and informative for the target audience

Example #2: TikTok Video – Michael 

What works well in this post:

  • Relevant – provides information/resources that are useful for real estate agents
  • Authentic – gives free resources to his target audience

Example #3: TikTok Video – Josh

What works well in this post:

  • Relevant – provides useful information for content creators in the real estate business
  • Authentic – gives a useful tip to his target audience

Start TikTok Marketing Today

The real power of TikTok? It’s its simplicity. You can create short-form content that not only generates leads but also positions you as a leader in the industry. 

As more buyers opt to purchase their homes online, there is a growing need for real estate professionals to build and establish their online presence.

Here’s How to Get Started On Your TikTok Journey

TikTok is a great platform to generate leads organically and build a brand that people know, like and trust. If you are completely lost in deciding what to post, we’ve got your back. Check out our real estate marketing strategies here.
Elevate your real estate business through TikTok Marketing — it might just give you the upper hand against your competition. If you don’t know much about TikTok or how to use it, check out our blog here.

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Michael Rivero

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