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Value-Adding Content Marketing involves the creation of online material which can be shared across all available platforms known to date. As of right now, the vast majority of your content should live within your website. Your secondary goal should be to use platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and Snapchat.

When creating articles, videos or photos for each platform it is essential to be omnipresent. This allows you to build and reach multiple and diverse audiences without missing any opportunity. As a result, the types of posts that you should look to focus on this 2020 are Videos, blogs, and social media.

There are two main goals your content marketing efforts should fulfill EDUCATE and MOTIVATE your buyer persona.

The idea is to be engaging so that potential customers, clients and people that can watch your videos, can read your blogs, can relate to your social media posts and most important all can UNDERSTAND YOUR BRANDS MESSAGE.

Ultimately leading them to make a decision to choose you over your competition because you’ve delivered the most value. So let’s begin with Tip #1 it’s obvious but it’s more important now more than ever.

Create Value-Adding Content

What’s does value-adding content mean?

Value-added content is original, unique and solutions-driven. This can also be exclusive to your brand and must always be information that your audience can find value and thank you for learning such. Examples include a video that explains “how-to”, social media posts that provide “instructional guides” blogs that “show me how”. Research, Case Studies, Tutorials and blog posts that speak to a specific query.

What you must keep in mind is that every business is already asking for likes, follows, clicks, shares…etc. The point is that you should be focused on providing real value to your target audience. There are three major types of content that will help you in 2020.

Useful Content

Branded posts that are brief, visually engaging and that help a target audience complete a task or even learn a new skill. In this particular case, you are the instruction manual, resource and, toolbox for their project.

Informative Content

Your goal should always be to provide value to your customers, we’ve established this right? As mentioned in the Useful Content section above. Your job is to give your audience the tools necessary to solve a problem of theirs through your ability to share your expert knowledge as well as service them with your products or services.

The idea here is to offer a perspective which they may not have thought of, to enhance the clarity in an Easy, Lucrative and Fun way. Help them see you as the Yoda to their Luke Skywalker and it’ll be easier to help them make a buying decision next time they need an expert like yourself.

Entertaining Content

You don’t want to be “the boring” teacher. In Digital Marketing boring teachers never last, you need to find ways to remain fresh, top of mind and creative whenever you’re looking to provide constant solutions and value to your clients. The way you should entertain your clients is by giving them something that they can be emotionally spiked by.

For Example here at TopShotPro we send our prospect clients this VIDEO

This spikes emotion but it’s to the point, it’s engaging and it has a message. Now we all love memes and cat videos. Your clients are no different, the goal here is to create joy, laughter, and value.

Never be too serious for your clients to mistake you for a robot. Let them know you’re a human being and that your goal is to make their life easier even if it’s by cracking a joke with them here and there.

Tip #2 Localized Content

What’s localization?

TopShotPro Especiallizes on Localized Content

Localization, especially with content, is simply the practice of adopting any form of published articles, videos or photos created to target a specific local market or demographic. Localized content is particularly best for businesses that service areas around their home base. These types of posts can include graphics, demographics, target markets, etc.

Do you know where your content performs best? Maybe you’re just writing content and publishing it wherever you can and no one is here to tell you that what you’re doing is wrong, however, maybe think about your content marketing from a strategic standpoint.

If you’re in a business where visuals do the most for your business, then Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook may be the most beneficial. Whereas if you’re in an industry where you need to educate people about the how, when, where, what and why’s then perhaps blogs, vlogs are going to be the most useful type of content that you use.

It is important to understand where your content marketing efforts are getting the most engagement, perform best and also know where your local audience is going to look for your business. Think about your client’s demographics and understand the trends of their digital use in order to provide them with relevant content at all times wherever it is that they are looking for you.

#3 The Power of Local Influencers

What’re Local Influencers?

There are 3 Types of Influences:


Local Influencers are any of the 3 types of influencers listed above within a local market.

Did you know that followers trust a Local Influencer’s recommendation about 78% more than they would if you were the one speaking to them? This comes as no surprise as Local Influencers tend to build their following based on trust and good engaging value-adding content.

Moreover, when followers look for an opinion from an “expert” they turn to search engines and also their social media. This is where they can find people who have experience in the products and services that you’re providing.

Our advice your brand should collaborate with local influencers. This will give you an edge as influencers are going to effectively sell your brand to their audience. Based on the results we’ve seen teaming up with local experts is going to give you the most accurate description of your business being conveyed by a 3rd person. Remember that a local influencer is initially more trusted than you would be.

Finally, Local Influencers are able to convey emotion, messages, and awareness about your brand better than you could, based on the connection they have with their fan base.

Lastly, it is critically important for you to understand your own brand, its message, and the end goal. Sure we want the money that comes from business, but take the time to make sure that the value-adding content that you are producing is something that people can value before and after a transaction is handled.

Learn about the impact that your brand can have in your local community and see how you can expand your reach with great content marketing in 2020.

Michael Rivero

Michael Rivero

Co Founder of TopShotPro a passionate innovator in the marketing industry, with a unique eye for Brand development, strategy, growth, and leadership communications.