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What does the future of real estate marketing and technology look like? If you want to build your digital presence and gain more business as a real estate agent, you should consider implementing these affordable yet impactful tools into your marketing strategy.

Real Estate Marketing: What Does the Future Hold?

With the increased use of technology and the Internet, it has become crucial for real estate agents to leverage social media to grow their businesses.

Working in real estate is more than just about referrals and keeping in contact with potential leads. In today’s world, you need to learn how to stand out and become recognizable in a pool of other agents.

Why Build Your Digital Presence as a Real Estate Agent

From virtual tours to a streamlined online buying process — technology has improved efficiency in tremendous ways for real estate agents. If you want to see growth in your real estate business, you need to start thinking of innovative ways to connect with potential leads and gain more business. 

6 Benefits of Having a Digital Presence

In the age of social media, it’s crucial that you start building your presence online. This can accomplish the following and so much more!

  • Reach a larger audience
  • Position yourself as a leader in real estate
  • Stand out in a pool of other agents
  • Establish your credibility 
  • Show off your real estate listings 
  • Reach and attract potential clients

Get In the Game of Content Marketing

If you want to win in the game of real estate in this day and age, you need to toss out traditional outbound strategies like cold calling, telemarketing, print ads, TV ads, etc. These intrusive, old-school marketing tactics are no longer impactful in attracting consumers.

Instead, you should focus your marketing efforts on Content Marketing, one of the most effective strategies for establishing your digital presence as a real estate agent. 

Content Marketing is an effective strategy in which you create and share valuable content to your target audience. Tip: This does not mean you promote your services any chance you get — this will only make you appear disingenuous.

Is Content Marketing Worth Investing In?

Let’s take a look at these up-and-coming digital marketing tools that may have the power to scale your real estate business, depending on your business goals and budget.

By using these tools in your real estate marketing strategy, you will build your digital presence in some way or another. Each has its strengths and limitations and picking the one that’s right for you will depend on your goals in business. 

Are these worth investing in for your business? Let’s see which one aligns with your goals first.

  1. Use Social Buddy if you want to leverage your Content Marketing strategy to build your presence online, position yourself as a leader and strengthen your credibility as a real estate agent.
  1. Use Realtors Edge if you want to reach the right customers, generate leads who are ready to make a purchase, and gain more sales in real estate overall.
  1. Use Top Producer Platinum Package if you want all the benefits of the tools mentioned above and you want your marketing strategy handled from pre-production to distribution. 

Benefits of Leveraging These Tools

Each tool is malleable to fit your needs and goals, so if you do decide to invest in one of these — here are some benefits they all encompass.

  • Higher ROI in your marketing strategy
  • Don’t have to worry about social media content strategy
  • Impact more people at a lower cost
  • Target and convert ideal clients
  • Increase brand awareness & social media engagement

Build Your Digital Presence with Social Buddy

By now, you know that social media is a powerful outlet for building your digital presence for free, but most agents struggle with not knowing what kind of content to post online. What if I told you that you no longer have to stress about this? Social Buddy will solve your social media content dilemma.

Social Buddy is a key content creation tool that uses content marketing to establish your digital presence, strengthen your credibility, and build trust and loyalty with potential clients.

How Social Buddy Works

Attracting and retaining the right customers while building your digital presence all comes down to creating content that is valuable, relevant, and consistent. Social Buddy does this for you effortlessly.

Social Buddy creates real estate related stock posts for you to use and post on your social media pages. All of the content will achieve the following:

  • Be targeted at your ideal clients
  • Follow your brand’s aesthetic
  • Be consistent (post 3-5 times a week)

Any successful content marketing strategy means you need to focus your content on providing value for your target audience. That means educating them, solving their pain points, and answering their real estate questions/concerns. Social Buddy can achieve this for your business.

Who It’s For

Social Buddy is a good starting point for real estate agents who understand the power of social media and want to build their brand and credibility through content distribution. 

They are go-getters who want to scale their business through non-invasive marketing tactics. They want to put out valuable content for their target audience, but may not have the budget for the full package.

Social Buddy is perfect for you if your main goals are to:

  • Position yourself as a leader in the industry
  • Establish your digital presence 
  • Improve social media engagement 
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Rank higher in search engines

What It Doesn’t Include (Its Limitations)

  • Limited content  customization 
  • Exclusive to just static posts 
  • No defined ad campaign 

Generate Qualified Leads with Realtors Edge

Once you have started embarking on your content marketing strategy, it’s time to think about how you can generate leads that convert into paying customers.

You have likely used Zillow to help generate leads for your business. You probably didn’t know this, but Zillow is likely overcharging you. Getting leads on Zillow might be a good starting point, but it’s difficult to convert. 

Realtors Edge solves this problem for you, as it helps convert leads at a higher rate for a fraction of the cost. 

How Realtors Edge Works

Generating qualified leads all comes down to brand and business exposure. Realtors Edge gets your name out there efficiently. 

Realtors Edge is a key ad campaign tool that uses targeted ads to target specific clients, generate qualified leads that convert, and make more sales in business overall.

Spend less on your marketing strategy and target your ideal clients with 1-2 ad posts a week on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Who It’s For

Realtors Edge is a great tool for those who want to take their digital presence to the next step. 

This is for ambitious agents who want to connect with customers who are ready to make a purchase. They want to attract ideal clients that are willing and ready to take action. They want to focus their marketing efforts on reaching qualified leads.

Realtors Edge is perfect for you if your main goals are to:

  • Generate qualified leads
  • Increase your sales in business
  • Build your brand
  • Reach your target audience 

What It Doesn’t Include (Its Limitations)

  • Doesn’t create consistent valuable & engaging content for your target audience. 
  • Doesn’t build long-lasting brand awareness 

Elevate Your Brand & Marketing Strategy With Top Producer Platinum Package

TopShotPro’s Brand Development Package (Platinum) is the all-encompassing and only marketing strategy you will ever need. It has all the benefits of both Social Buddy and Realtors Edge and beyond.

With this tool, you will have consistent, valuable, and engaging content created from pre-production to distribution. Everything is handled for you from A to B — that way, you can focus less on your marketing strategy and more on your work as a real estate agent. 

What’s Included & Why You Need It

  1. Social Media Management. Plan out, execute, and distribute content on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn five times per week to reach your target audience, provide valuable content, and gain more business. Your social media content strategy will be taken care of.
  1. Content Production. Generate original content for your social media pages that aligns with your brand, goals, and target audience. This is what you get:
  • 2 long-form videos 
  • 16 short-form (Reels/Tiktok) videos
  • Branded graphic stories
  • Photography during video sessions
  1. Content Marketing & Research. Your content marketing strategy is taken care of so that you no longer have to stress about not knowing what to post on your social media pages.
  1. Monthly Review. Let’s check in to see what’s working and what’s not. Marketing is all about trial and error, so we will meet monthly to discuss areas for improvement. We will readjust your strategy to meet goals efficiently.
  1. Bonus: Post short-form videos to your profiles on TikTok and Youtube Shorts. We set up ads to generate leads, build an audience, and target your ideal clients.

Spend Less, Stress Less, and Gain More Business in Real Estate

Get rid of your social media strategy dilemma and invest in these affordable, yet IMPACTFUL tools for your real estate business. Stop posting blindly and start connecting with ideal clients who are likely to work with you.

Whether you want to invest in Social Buddy, Realtors Edge, or our Platinum Package that incorporates the benefits of both…all have the power to scale your real estate marketing. 

Ready to elevate your brand, build your digital presence and generate qualified leads? Connect with the marketing experts at TopShotPro. Reach out here.