How To Develop a Personal Brand in 2020

Through Omni-Channel Marketing

How to create a personal brand - omnichannel strategy
Omni-Channel Marketing is the quickest way of building a rapid fire brand, whether it’s for business or personal purposes.

Creating a personal brand no longer depends on just a blog website. There is a variety of effective methods that are available for people in today’s digital age to develop a personal brand. The most effective method to create traffic and scale on brand awareness is through Omni-Channel Marketing efforts.

The definition of marketing has been subjected to many changes over the years. Omni-Channel Marketing has been the most prominent changes and subject matters of them all. 

In recent studies, it’s been identified that marketers in today’s world are moving away from push-based marketing, and they’ve begun to adopt a more personalized marketing technique. In other words, they prefer to have 1 to 1 communication along with the end consumers. This is done through a variety of channels from email, text, social media, and blogs.

In addition, a large number of devices are also being used in the marketing process to ensure that users using a mobile, iPad, laptop, etc.. all see the quality of the content being produced. This is exactly where an Omni-Channel Marketing strategy comes into play.

When you are looking to develop a personal brand, what experts would encourage you to do is…

the process and development of a strategy that covers your entire audience across multiple platforms. It can provide you with outstanding results. At the end of the day provide you with the most insight while letting you cater your strategy to the right audience at all times.


Before we proceed, it’s extremely important for you to have an understanding of what Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy really is. Omni-Channel refers to a significant shift as mentioned earlier. In today’s world, we need to think about creating personalized experiences through a variety of channels and devices.

Consumers are in a position to engage with a company by visiting a physical store, or by accessing their mobile app or website. They will even be able to interact with the company through social media, and online forums. Nowadays we live in a space where companies and personal brands get to share a story and experience with their audience while nurturing the relationship across multiple platforms.

In every single experience, the end consumer goes through you can find consistency. The beauty of an Omni-Channel Strategy comes down to being able to share an Instagram Story behind the scenes, publishing a photo or video of such event and publishing it to places like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

Now that we have an understanding of what Omni- Channel Marketing is, let’s look into how you can develop a personal brand through this strategy.



  1. Maintain your focus
  2. Think from your audience’s point of view
  3. Develop content and messages to address the concerns of your audience
  4. Measure everything (check out our Data Driven Marketing Article on this)
  5. Listen and Respond on preferred channels


Omni-Channel Marketing requires focus. It requires focus to stay on top of every single channel being used in order to convey the same message and cater to different audiences with one common end goal. Distractions in marketing happen all the time, so what we recommend is that you segment your audience. That’s where you should figure out the data points that work well within each channel that your strategy includes. As you segment your audience per channel you will learn and know how to purposely provide content on some pages more than others but you will also be able to use this data to know what pieces of your content resonate the most with the reader, viewer, follower or user.


It is important for you to make sure that you regularly review the experience that your audiences go through on your set campaigns. This will help you get a clear understanding of the effects associated with the marketing method. With the feedback that you get, it is also possible for you to introduce appropriate changes, which can assist you to take your marketing initiatives to the next level.


Your message and the content that you produce are a key factor in personal branding especially when you have an Omni-Channel approach. However, you need to make sure that you are creating the appropriate content for the right channels.

In other words, the content and message that you create should be positioned to address the specific topics, pain points and emotions of your audience.

When you notice that a person or a group of individuals pay more attention to a specific subject matter…you know that you should create follow up content in other platforms to have your audience expand and follow you into other channels as well. Doing this will help you get their attention with minimum hassle.

The end result is that you will be able to take one step closer to your audience and you’ll be able to share your message consistently across different channels.


In marketing, if you’re not measuring everything you’re losing. You’re expected to use the data available to you everywhere and use those results to your advantage. For example: Say you’ve noticed that on Instagram you receive 50 visits to your profile per week. You’re only posting 2 photos per week. Your goal is to increase the number of visits to your profile per week to 250 so what you would implement in an omnichannel strategy is

  • More posts = More views
  • More posts = More impressions
  • More posts = More website clicks
  • More posts = More reach

Once you’ve done this for 2 weeks you notice that your average visits per week have increased to 200. Now you have a strategy in place that tells you how much you’ve done, and how much more there is to do. Pay attention to your analytics and see what people respond to most.

Furthermore, the data that you can see is very big nowadays as well. Therefore, as you look to develop a personal brand through Omni-channel Marketing efforts

you should become increasingly savvy about the best methods that are available to you in order to leverage data. You should never make data become invasive. It’s extremely important to measure everything if you’re looking to take them to the next level.


The most commonly known issue is failing to listen to your audience. You need to make sure that while you’re developing your brand, you are taking the time to listen, and respond to your audience. If more people react to you on Facebook, that is where your efforts should be driven towards more overtime. Remember that audiences prefer to get to know about your personal brands in channels that they’re most familiar with.

Then you’ll be able to interact with them at a comfortable spot for them.

In conclusion, now you have a clear idea of how to use Omni-channel marketing for personal branding. If you can focus on these five tips, you will be able to end up with the best possible results. They will never leave you with any regrets and you will absolutely love the results that you are getting.

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Data Driven Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Success is contingent on a Data Driven Marketing Metrics

Traditional marketing methods are no longer in a position to deliver the best possible results for business owners and marketers who are looking to compete in a world where Digital Marketing is expected to surpass traditional marketing in 2019. Therefore, you need to look at the marketing methods, which are proven to deliver positive results in today’s world. That’s where data driven marketing comes into play. 


This chart represents the step by step overview of a full digital marketing campaign. TopshotPro enables it’s clients with full transparency every step of the way in order to properly track and measure a Digital Marketing campaign and it’s success.

First and foremost, let’s get a clear understanding of what data driven marketing is. Then you will be able to have a clear understanding about all the benefits that come along with it. Data driven marketing can simply be defined as the process, where the online marketing strategy extracts all the important information from big data, collected via customer engagements and interactions, to predict the future behaviors that can be expected to take place. In other words, you will be focusing more on understanding the data that you have now and building something greater with it. Then you generate meaningful information out of data and align your marketing campaigns accordingly. Therefore, you will be able to receive positive results out of the time and effort that you spend on each marketing campaign.

Businesses and organizations use data driven marketing for a variety of purposes. The primary objective of all those entities is to personalize and enhance the overall customer experience in an effective manner to ultimately lead to a conversion of some sort.


In order to make the most rational and educated decisions in a competitive market place, both business owners and marketers need to position themselves in the trenches of each campaign that they are launching. So, if you’re asking yourself if business owners or marketers truly dive deep into data driven marketing strategies the answer is Yes, a considerable percentage of business owners and marketers have already learned to embrace it. Here are some stats, which will help you to get a better understanding about just how invested people are in data driven marketing strategies.

  • 51% marketers focus on data driven strategies based on a Digital Marketing survey released earlier this year.
  • 45% of marketers do it to acquire new customers.
  • 43% of them do it to integrate data across multiple platforms.
  • 37% do it to enrich data quality and completeness.
  • 34% of marketers do it to segment their specific target markets


Now you know what data driven marketing is. Let’s look at the most prominent benefits that data driven marketing can provide to you. Then you will be convinced to make appropriate adjustments in your current digital marketing campaigns to get the most out of the available data. 

Your Digital Marketing Campaign should be unique to your goals and objectives.

1) Personalizing your Campaigns for Conversions of Interaction, Investment and Engagement

As a business owner or a marketer, now that you are aware that traditional marketing methods are no longer in a position to deliver the best possible results. It’s time that you start looking into personalized digital marketing campaigns. A Data driven marketing strategy will be able to help you with that. With the data that you have, you will find it as an easy task to send the right message to the right audience. You can learn and see what your core audience engages with the most and you can also observe when your audience engages most so that you can do it at the perfect time as well. Therefore, you can experience guaranteed results at the end of the day through consistent optimization.

Data driven marketing can provide tremendous assistance to your brand to customize the marketing campaigns. Then there is a possibility to convert all the business leads via a better understanding of complete customer profile. You may have heard of the term “Imaginary Customer Profile” You can identify your perfect lead through optimizing for the right KPI’s (Key Performing Indicators) within these personalized campaigns. When you run such a marketing campaigns, you will be able to experience the maximum return out of your investment. Hence, you don’t need to worry about anything when you are spending your time, effort and money on a marketing campaign that has a purpose in mind, with hard data to understand it.

  • 87% of the marketers believe that data is one of the most underutilized assets in their organizations. 

2) Clarity is Key for performing campaigns

Another prominent benefit that you can get from a data driven marketing campaign is that it can ensure the clarity in your promotional campaigns. If you look at your business’ database today, you will notice that there is a wealth of information contained within that you may already be aware about, but you have not actually utilized it to its full potential just yet. With the help of data, you will be able to understand the most actionable and accurate information about your current and past prospects as well as your list of customers. That’s why it has become essential for you to go ahead with a data driven approach. Then you will be able to identify and group the target audiences in an effective manner, remember we were just talking about segmenting your audience? By doing so you will end up with highly effective results through capitalizing on the information provided and segmented for each campaign that you are running. 

3) Omni-Channel Marketing, learn it, experience it

The data driven marketing campaigns that you design can run across multiple networks, such as Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn as well as Search Engines to maximize visibility such as Google, Bing, Yahoo.  As of now, you might only be focusing on the email’s campaigns or one of the mentioned channels. However, there are plenty of other aspects as mentioned, which you need to be focused on as well. While you are running your marketing campaigns you should be able to automate the marketing campaigns that you run on these multiple channels. Therefore, you can ensure that your message is delivered to the target audiences in a consistent manner. You will be able to improve the reach in an effective manner as well and it will help you to make your business visible to a higher number of potential customers, each platform has its core users and you will be able to address every single one of them while growing your brands awareness. 

Customer Success is where your Brand Succeeds, Data Driven Marketing can enable the best routes to reach your goals & objectives both long term and short term.

4)  Give your customers an experience to learn about your brand

The marketing campaigns of today’s world are all about customer experience, interaction and engagement. If you can deliver a better customer experience, you will find it as an easy task to attract them towards your business on a more consistent basis. Data Driven marketing strategies are meant to enable optimal awareness, visibility and conversions by contributing towards the betterment of your business. For example, when you give out a customer satisfaction survey, they will tend to go ahead and fill that for you. This will help you to understand the specific areas, in which your business is performing and areas in which your business needs to be better.

5) Implement and Deploy a Better Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Product/Service Development

Finally, you need to keep in mind that data driven marketing has the ability to provide great assistance to the improvement of your product development process. Many businesses that used data driven marketing in the past have been able to reduce the product failure rates. The results can be applied across businesses that fall under all industries. With the help of data driven marketing, you will be able to get a better understanding about your perfect target audience. Hence, you can create better products and services, which would fit perfectly well into the market

Now you have a clear understanding about what data driven marketing is and what benefits you can experience out of it. Now it is up to you to go ahead and get the most out of data driven marketing. The time and effort you spend on it can provide you with outstanding results in the long run. If you’re curious to learn more about data driven marketing strategies or would like to look over some of your current campaigns and define KPIs that matter don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. 

Michael Rivero
TopshotPro - Branding & Digital Marketing
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