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You’ve been selling homes, or helping people buy homes for quite some time. Maybe you haven’t done those two things just yet because you’re getting started. Either way, going into 2022 you’ve probably laid out a plan to make sure you are marketing your business, your listings, and yourself properly. 

So what does that plan look like?

Maybe you’re going to do some cold calling, door knocking, and if you’re looking to be relevant in today’s marketplace you’re probably working on your content marketing strategy as well. 

In this blog we’re going to discuss exactly What is Content Marketing in Real Estate.

First, let’s start with understanding what Content Marketing is. 

Content Marketing involves the creation and sharing of Videos, Blogs, Social Media Posts, Podcasts and more online marketing collateral for a business or a brand.

As a Real Estate professional there are a few reasons why you should think about your content marketing strategy for 2022. 

You want people to find value in the content that you create. Especially in a time when all home searches begin online. A content marketing strategy helps ensure that you are connecting with your audience effectively at all times, across all available platforms. 

In 2020 60% of businesses increased their marketing spend as it relates to content marketing. Yet in real estate only a small number of realtors have capitalized on a cohesive, comprehensive, and thorough content marketing strategy. 

So where do we go from here? Let’s start by giving you the necessary steps to create your content marketing strategy. 

Content Marketing Strategy with TopShotPro

This marketing strategy will give your business purpose behind the content that you create, produce, distribute, and cater to your audience. In other words, we are looking to properly align your “WHY” and create content appropriately. 

Let’s answer these questions together.

  • Why are you Creating Content?

As you think about the answer to this question, you must think about the BIG PICTURE. Some would consider the Big Ideal.

So what is the Big Ideal? “The world would be a better place if______”

What is your business’s Big Ideal? In your case, you probably want to better inform homeowners in your local area. You’re looking to connect with your community, and become a community resource for all those you can help. 

Pinpoint exactly what the WHY is behind your business, behind your mission as a real estate agent, and then you’ll have an idea about the type of content you need to produce. 

This will be important for you to find Anchoring points for your content marketing strategy. Next Question…

  • Who Are You Helping?

Think about the groups of people who you can assist. Yes of course you can help new homebuyers, and people who want to list their home this year. Let’s get granular about this…

Where do they live? Where are they looking to live? What areas are you an expert in? Do you as a realtor prefer a particular type of home that you know you can sell with your eyes closed?

How old are they? Where do they commute to and from? What languages do they speak? Maybe you’re talking to one specific audience, or maybe you’re talking to many. 

Having an idea of the people who you’re looking to help specifically helps your content be more targeted, and easier to digest as you continue to think of your content marketing strategy. 


  • How Will You Help Them?

Think about how your content is going to help your target audience. Will it be educational? Entertaining? Inspirational? 

It’s important that you consider exactly how your content is going to move a person intellectually and emotionally as this is exactly how they will resonate with your business, and ultimately become friends of your brand. 

Think of the many problems you’re looking to solve for your audience, and speak to those problems with your personal and business values in mind. Yet, the most important step in an effective content marketing strategy for real estate agents is…getting started. 

If you’re looking to build and develop your content marketing strategy for 2022, but don’t have the time to do it all yourself, maybe you can’t, you don’t have to, you don’t want to, you have too many things going on, yet you’re aware that this is something that is a MUST in your business for 2022.

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Michael Rivero

Michael Rivero

Co Founder of TopShotPro a passionate innovator in the marketing industry, with a unique eye for Brand development, strategy, growth, and leadership communications.