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You’re a Loan Officer and you’ve probably been struggling with creative, strategic, ready-to-go marketing ideas you can implement right away…

For Instance, as a Loan Officer, your marketing ideas may seem limited. As a result of this, you’ve probably been putting off things like…

Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and email marketing for a long time.

However, your job is still to deliver consistent value to your clientele.

In other words, understanding that you should’ve started with this in 2015 and now going into 2020 it’s all about one simple thing

Let’s Iron Out Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Time To Start Putting Yourself Out there

In Fact, the economy is going to cycle no matter what, and people are not going to stop looking for a place to call “home” no matter what the economy is like.

Therefore your job is simple, be the one to provide the most value to your audience, clientele, and your database.

But, how can we make sure that people are going to call you, after all, there are hundreds if not thousands of options right? …

for one thing, in this short blog, you will find 5 Mortgage Marketing Tips & Ideas that are going to help you

  • Increase your Current Online Presence
  • Grow Your Brand Awareness
  • Generate More Visibility For You
  • Advance the Process of Know, Like & Trust

It’s important to note, not all of these ideas are new…

However, they might be new to you if you haven’t been taking action already. So, let’s begin…

Strategy Tip #1 – Build a Social Media Strategy Specific To A Loan Officer

First of all, a social media strategy is the blueprint plan that conducts all of your social media efforts from a-z.

This means you plan everything you want to do, need to do and hope to achieve on social media, it’s about actions and purpose with…

every single post making sure that you are not caught up in the likes, comments and shares but more so focused on the purpose-driven action of each and every single one of your posts.

In addition, your social strategy needs to keep your bottom line alive and well this means every single post needs to be…

  • Educational – People need to learn something about your business, industry, or you in each and every post
  • Motivational – People should be inspired to take action from something they hear, read, or see in your post
  • Informational – People should look at you as a subject matter expert, who provides valuable content, and doesn’t waste their time

Your Time Is Now

Consequently, we should see a return in our investment (ROI) as well as a return in our engagement (ROE) moreover…

It’s much easier to manage your content and what you deliver to your audience and clients than it is to manage and figure out the social media algorithms, which brings us to…

Loan Officer Social Media Tip#2 Leveraging How Social Media Algorithms Work

It Doesn’t Have To Be Something You Do Alone

Before we get into leveraging social media algorithms let’s understand them first…

These algorithms are a straightforward yet complex way of sorting posts in a user’s feed. They’re based on the relevancy of the post instead of it’s published time.

Additionally, social networks like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Tik Tok now prioritize which posts will be shown to the user based on the likelihood that they’ll actually care to see it.

So to crack down and leverage the algorithm, we need to

  • Understand Why We’re Posting
  • Know Who We’re Looking To Attract With The Post
  • Have Insights as to When We Should Be Posting
  • Know-How To Target Specific Audiences


In case you don’t know the answer to why You’re posting on social media, we’ll answer it for you…

Because we want to connect with audience members who may be unaware of our products and services

We want to have the opportunity to speak from 1 person to many people while still making sure our message feels very 1 to 1


As a loan officer, the answer is…

  • Real Estate Agents Within Our Network
  • Real Estate Agents Outside of Our Network
  • Another Loan Officer or Loan Officers
  • Potential Borrowers
  • Past Clients

In other words, we’re looking to target and attract anyone who could lead to more business.


Because the algorithms change so much, it’s important that you’re always testing the best posting times.

Of course, you’ll eventually find times that your content performs best in. However, before you discover those times it’s important that you pay attention to your social media insights…

Your insights will tell you exactly what times your audience is most active with your content, what days they respond better and who exactly reacts to your content the most.


In order to target specific audiences, you need to identify which locations you want to be discovered in…

Set your location to 5-10 different locations where you want to be primarily found on. Then, you need to identify a group of hashtags(#) that work best for your content remember…

Your content and how often it shows and who it shows to is based on relevance, this means…

As a loan officer, you don’t want to use a hashtag like #models why? … Do we really need to explain?

Furthermore, the type of content you publish will ultimately determine your level of success on social media visual content is key. Which leads us to…

Loan Officer Content Tip#3 The Use Of Visual Content

As early as 2017, more than 70% of all consumed content on social media platforms was video.

In the second place, there was visual content such as photographs, info graphics, case studies and audio files.

Video content gets shared four times the amount of any written material that you’ll find online, even more than this blog…

If you’re not doing video yet, you should be creating content that is shareable.

It’s Your Job To Give Vision

In addition to creating shareable content, it needs to be valuable remember?

So a good way to do this is by creating photos or info graphics that showcase industry updates, with a catchy thought-provoking caption. You can also leverage real estate agents who are using video and…

ask them to host you as a guest of their next video where you’ll give tips on different lending options. Your job is to create content that will get people thinking about you

Way after they’ve seen your video or your post once or twice. This leads us to eliminate away all excuses and starting to script out our content marketing strategy.

Content Structure Tip#4 Script Out Your Content

First of all, you don’t have to be perfect at Social Media for you to capitalize on it.

Following, you don’t need to become some sort of marketing machine to do it right, you simply need…

  • Be More Active On Social Media Stories
  • Tell A Story That Leads People To Get Behind You
  • Produce Value-Adding Content Always On Every Platform
  • Maximize Your Personal Brand

Being that you’re going to do all of the four bullet points listed above, we recommend that you script out 5 to 10 pieces of content that you want to deliver to your audience each and every single month.

In addition to having 5 to 10 pieces it’s important to remind you that these don’t need to be perfect, they just need to be Educational, Motivational & Informative to some extent.

Our clients upon their first month get a 25 video, photo and infographic content layout that helps them understand the level and quality of content that will be produced for them…

if you’d like to learn more just click here

Now that we’ve tried to schedule a call with you, let’s continue…

Finally, it all comes down to automation…

Automation Tip#5 Automate Your Process, Conversations & Career

Automate Your Business To Advance Conversations & Processes

Since technology enables so much for us, we need to learn to grow and use it to our advantage every step of the way…

In Fact, one big plus to video marketing and content marketing is that you can be multichannel or as we like to call it in our world omnichannel.

This means that while your content can be used in many different platforms in many different ways, so can the content that you produce to be used to advance the process of…

conversations that you’re already having on a day to day basis…what?

To illustrate let’s think about the top 5 questions you get asked on a daily, weekly basis…

  • When Am I Going To Get Approved?
  • What Are The Next Steps?
  • Do I Need Any More Information?
  • What Should I expect Next Time We Talk?
  • What’s A Pre-Approval?

Now, these are just sample questions but in reality…

Despite what you may be telling yourself right now, could you think of your most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and actually create a video, photo and infographic content that speeds up the conversation?

Chances are the answer is yes, and let us ask you this…

If you could save some typing time, talking time, and use it more effectively would you?

The answer is YES. For that reason, what we want you to do is to think about your top 5 FAQs and schedule a call with us HERE

That is to say, WE are going to help you create and produce your first piece of content towards this because if you haven’t already started let’s be honest…

But, you probably aren’t going to this year. So let’s eliminate all friction and get started now.

Loan Officer Bonus: Know Your Ideal Customer First

In conclusion, before we say goodbye we want to make sure that you know exactly who your perfect customer is…

Just imagine the perfect, smoothest transaction you’ve ever had…what are the main qualities of a perfect client?

As a result, when you go through this discovery phase, imagine who you want to be an advisor to, especially who you want to help the most when they’re looking for the house of their dreams.

In other words, pick someone who’s needs and desires you can meet as well as…

Someone who will meet your requirements and expectations.

Talk to you soon.

Michael Rivero

Michael Rivero

Co Founder of TopShotPro a passionate innovator in the marketing industry, with a unique eye for Brand development, strategy, growth, and leadership communications.