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Get the most out of your real estate marketing strategy by taking advantage of these video marketing tips to convert leads into paying customers, increase brand exposure, humanize your brand and grow your real estate business overall.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a content strategy that uses video to promote your personal brand and real estate business. With it, you have the power to increase brand visibility and social media engagement while providing your ideal clients with valuable content.

It’s one of the many content marketing strategies that allow you to connect with your target audience uniquely. For example, viewers who see video content on your social media pages or real estate website are likelier to stick around longer.

Learn more about how and why you need to start using video marketing as your next strategy in real estate. Read our blog here.

8 Key Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Easily digestible & shareable for viewers
  • Captures and retains viewers’ attention
  • Boosts organic social media & web traffic
  • Generates and converts leads
  • Increases brand exposure
  • Strengthens credibility & builds trust
  • Humanizes your brand
  • Provides instant value to ideal clients

Insider Tips from the TSP Marketing Team

Scale your real estate video marketing strategy by using these five tips.

  1. Know your target audience
  2. Use storytelling as a video marketing strategy
  3. Plan your real estate content creation strategy
  4. Create consistent content, and stop trying to be perfect
  5. Promote your videos strategically

Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience is a specific group of people you want to aim your marketing efforts at — your ideal client or the type of people most likely to use your real estate services.

It’s simple — you will not reach your ideal clients without a structured target audience. In other words, producing marketing campaigns that convert leads will be difficult.

The more specific your target audience is, the better results you will get for your real estate business. On the other hand, being too broad can hurt your personal brand in the long run and make you unrecognizable in a pool of other agents.

Make sure you know your ideal client BEFORE making videos or any social media content. Doing this will create content that appeals directly to them, allowing you to attract the right clients and position yourself as the local real estate expert.

Use Storytelling as a Video Marketing Strategy

Storytelling is the foundation of making great videos. If you want prospects to buy your services, you need to make videos that tell a captivating narrative. 

Here are some ideas worth putting into a video:

  • A personal story about yourself
  • A story about a client’s home buying or selling experience
  • The story behind a property

EXAMPLE: You can make a video about how a client overcame several hurdles to achieve their first home. In a story like this, you must establish the client’s circumstances or setbacks, the conflict, and the solution you provided as the real estate agent.

2 Main Reasons Why Storytelling Matters In Video Marketing

  1. Stories create an emotional connection with viewers. A compelling story evokes some kind of emotion, whether that’s happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, etc. Ultimately, a good story will get your audience to take action and buy into your services.
  1. Storytelling is the secret sauce to building client relationships. Stories allow you to establish a connection with prospects. When you incorporate stories into your videos, you can show who you are, the values you stand for, and more. As a result, the more your clients like, trust, and relate to you.

How do you incorporate stories into your real estate marketing strategy? Tap into the power of storytelling by using our tips here

Plan Your Real Estate Content Creation Strategy

Preparation is crucial in video marketing. With a plan or strategy in place, it will be easier to hit goals that grow your real estate business. Here’s how you can prepare before you start producing video content.

  1. Identify your target audience.  You need to know what type of clients you want to work with so that you can create video content that provides value directly to them. That way, you create videos that address their questions, pain points, etc. How can I do this? Use our tips here.
  1. Know your marketing objectives. What is your main goal in making videos? Some examples include selling more properties, building brand exposure, and becoming a thought leader in your field. Once you know your plan, you can create videos that aim to achieve that.
  1. Figure out your content strategy. Next, plan out video content ideas that fit into your unique brand. There are many ideas to implement into your real estate video marketing. Some include filming property walkthroughs, neighborhood highlights, and client testimonials. Learn more about how to film these using our proven strategies here.
  1. Develop a video outline before you film. Before you hit record, the best thing to do is write out precisely what you want to say. Having an overview ensures there aren’t any awkward pauses when filming. Tip: Look at other videos for inspiration and use them as a guide.

Whether you are making videos on your own or choose to hire a videography team, you need to have a plan in place!

Create Consistent Content, and Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Real estate agents will often make the mistake of trying to be perfect! 

Consistency is the key to building your personal brand, which matters much more than trying to make ‘the perfect’ content. For example, if you want to be known as a thought leader in real estate, focus on producing content your ideal client finds helpful, entertaining, informative, and direct.

There’s no such thing as a perfect piece of content — trying to be perfect is only stopping you. However, getting it done should be your priority, especially since timing is crucial in real estate.

Promote Your Videos Strategically

Sharing and promoting your videos across all social media platforms is a good idea as it maximizes visibility and reaches for your brand and business. 

However, doing so might not make sense, depending on your brand. Post your video content according to these factors.

  • Post on social media platforms that align with your brand
  • Make sure your posting on platforms your prospects use
  • Consider the needs and interests of your target audience

Consider each platform’s specific characteristics and demographics and the type of content most likely to be successful on each. You can use various platforms when creating video content since it’s visual and easily digestible for viewers.

Remember — if your overarching goal is to maximize the most exposure for your brand and business, it’s a good idea to post to all social media platforms!

Leverage These Tips for the Best Results In Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is one of the many content strategies that allow you to connect with your target audience uniquely. Use these video marketing tips to scale your real estate business tremendously! Need help getting started?

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