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We already know that Video Marketing has the potential to skyrocket your real estate business. Here is your content strategy guide to creating a market update video that will position you as a leader in the industry, educate prospects and provide value for your viewers.

Why Use Video Marketing for Real Estate

Video Marketing is one of the most impactful content strategies you can use for your real estate business. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, rather than only 10% when reading it in text. Videos get shared 1200% more times than links and text combined with a click-through rate of 96% (Forbes 2017). 

If you want to grow a following organically, you need to leverage this content strategy! Videos are one of the most easily-digestible and shareable forms of content out there. Rather than having to read about a real estate market update, most people will prefer to watch a quick video instead.

Use This Powerful Content Strategy 

Videos have the power to attract viewers and keep them engaged. The better engagement you have on a post, the more likely that post will be put out in front of new audiences. That means more exposure and more potential leads.

If you want to bring instant value to your viewers, add this content idea to your real estate marketing strategy — a 1-minute market update video.

Recording a Market Update Video Does The Following For Your Real Estate Business:

Show clients and prospects that YOU are their local expert. What is the easiest way to do this? Make video content that provides instant value. In doing so, you will: 

  • Position you as a leader in the industry
  • Increase organic traffic to your pages
  • Generate leads for business
  • Strengthen credibility & build trust

How to Create a Low-Budget, High-Impact Market Update

You don’t need any fancy equipment or much money to get started. If you have a smartphone and a place to film, you’re set. Create a low-budget, high-impact real estate market update video by using this step-by-step process.

Write Your Market Update Script — Formatting & Outlining

Get started by doing a quick Google search on the latest housing market updates. Make sure you are getting the information from a reputable site. Doing this is completely FREE. This is all you need to prepare for your market update video.

Find Local Market Stats

Use the Internet to find the most recent and up-to-date stats about the current real estate market. Include 2-3 points that are exciting or most important to buyers or sellers. Don’t just say stats — make sure you explain what this information means to your audience.

It’s okay to keep it broad in your first market update video. However, in future videos, you should try to focus on the local areas you serve so that you are targeting your ideal client

For example, if you work in the DMV, make sure you are getting stats that are specific to the real estate market in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. That way, you provide value to the prospects you can potentially do business with.

What Topics to Cover

You want to bring information that pertains to your specific target audience. Focus on talking about local stats that affect your clients and their real estate goals. Ask yourself, “why should your viewers care about this information? How does it affect them specifically?

Be sure to highlight the clear benefits that current market conditions have on your target audience. For example, if it’s a seller’s market and there is low inventory, explain to viewers WHY it’s the best time to sell their home. 

Don’t be afraid to address issues that current market conditions may bring to specific groups. For example, if most buyers are afraid to purchase real estate due to high-interest rates, ensure you address this problem AND provide a solution.

Add Relevant Information

Your market update video can include any other information that is relevant and valuable. You may want to talk about the number of properties sold in a particular area or any updates made to the community. 

This can include talking about:

  • New schools, shopping centers, or housing developments
  • Home prices, interest rates, or foreclosures
  • Supply and demand within the market

When you have gathered all the information you need, write a quick outline of what you want to talk about in the video. Consider writing market stats in bullet points so that it’s easy to refer to as you film.

Set the Stage & Hit Record

Before you start filming, make sure you set up your camera and background. Here are a few quick tips on how to set the stage effectively. 

  1. Use your smartphone to record. For platforms like Youtube, LinkedIn or your real estate website, you want to shoot horizontally (wide). For platforms like IG Reels or TikTok, you want to shoot vertically (long). We suggest you film in both ways so that you can publish your video everywhere.
  1. Your background does not need to be perfect, but make sure it’s not too messy or distracting. Shoot during the daytime for sufficient lighting, film from an angle above or at eye level, and never shoot from a low angle.
  1. Keep your video short and straight to the point. Aim for a 1-2 minute video, but don’t go over 5 minutes. Nobody wants to see a 15-minute-long market update.
  1. Close out your video with a powerful CTA. Whether you want viewers to schedule a consultation, like a post, or visit your website — make sure you point them in the right direction.
  1. Publish your video everywhere, including your real estate website and social media pages! You want to maximize exposure and get as many potential leads as possible. 

You are a busy real estate agent — this part does NOT need to be perfect. As long as you have a working camera and microphone, all that matters is the information you provide in the market update!

Market Update Video Examples

For inspiration, check out the market update video examples we’ve done with our clients.

Real estate agent — Daryl Judy

He talks about interest rates, home prices, current market conditions, and why it matters for buyers and sellers in Washington, DC.

Real estate group — The Caputo Group

He discusses property listings, home prices, and current market conditions in Northern Virginia.

Real estate agent — Cesar Paredes

He talks about home prices and the supply and demand of the housing market in the DMV.

Loan officer — Erik Spencer

He discusses interest rates, targets a specific group of people (home buyers and homeowners), and leaves off with a good CTA.

Become the Local Expert Through Video Marketing

Make an impactful real estate market update video by using the tips above. Adding this content idea to your real estate Video Marketing strategy will position you as the local expert in the areas you serve and provide value for potential leads.

Market update videos are the perfect content strategy you can use to gain organic traffic and brand exposure, bringing you more business.

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Sources: Lyndsi Stafford, “How To Incorporate Video Into Your Social Media Strategy”. Forbes, 2017

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