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Tell a story to connect with your audience, increase engagement, and win more business. Here is your real estate marketing guide to storytelling.

Your properties are available for prospects to see on websites like Zillow and MLS. This is a good starting point for your marketing strategy, but if you want to convert leads into real business, you need to be willing to put in more work.

Stand out from your competitors by captivating your audience with a story.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

The saying ‘facts tell stories sell’ is famous for a reason. Stories are a powerful tool that greatly impacts people’s decision-making. This content marketing strategy is unique in that it allows you to humanize your brand and add a personal touch to the service you offer.

To sell more real estate, you need to give prospects a reason to take action — whether that be anything from giving you a call, clicking your website, or inquiring about a property on the market. 

How do you get your audience to take action? Evoke emotion by telling a good story.

Most buyers make their decisions based on their emotions. When a product or service is centered on a story, your prospects are more likely to become paying customers. 

Storytelling Wins Over Other Strategies

Use storytelling as your next marketing strategy to elevate your real estate business. Since it’s more authentic than traditional marketing, it allows you to connect with your audience in a new way.

Stories have the power to do four things that will help you win more business:

  • Evoke emotion 
  • Grab attention 
  • Create a connection
  • Entice people to take action

Stories are the foundation of engaging content. What makes it unique is that it can be woven into all of your Real Estate content ideas

Storytelling: the Secret Sauce to Building Relationships With Clients

If you want your audience to buy into your brand, you need to establish a connection and build a relationship with prospects. A compelling narrative allows you to do just that.

Storytelling allows you to build a positive rapport with clients, which then achieves the following for your business:

  • Greater number of satisfied customers
  • Higher rate for customer retention 
  • More business through referrals
  • Greater level of trust with clients

Whether you are telling a personal story about yourself and your experiences or attaching a story to a property, doing so builds your credibility and allows prospects to see what makes you different from other real estate agents. It also allows you to grab attention where you otherwise may not have. 

The more your clients like and trust you, the more inclined they are to buy your services.

How to Use Storytelling In Your Real Estate Business

Sharing stories is the key to building a connection and strengthening your relationships with current clients and prospects. By incorporating stories into your real estate marketing strategy, you will be able to achieve the following for your real estate business:

  • Produce higher engagement 
  • Strengthen your sphere of influence
  • Win more business
  • Build positive rapport with clients
  • Create an emotional connection with viewers

TIP: Stories are great for creating video or written content on both your real estate website and social media pages.

Stories that Sell More Real Estate

Every sale starts with a story. When there is a narrative attached to the service you offer or the property you are selling, buyers are much more inclined to take action. Consider these tips for finding and creating stories that help you sell more properties.

  1. Find a Story Behind the Home

There’s a story behind every home. Whether you want to focus on the home’s unique amenities and features, historical background, or neighborhood — there’s always a story that can come out of it. 

Example — Daryl Judy

Look at how Realtor Daryl Judy shares a story about a property he listed in Washington, DC.

  1. Captivate Your Buyers’ Imagination

Don’t just talk about the features of the property. Paint a picture for the buyer. Give them the opportunity to imagine what it would be like living in the property you are selling by telling a narrative.

Instead of telling buyers that there are granite countertops and a kitchen island, help buyers imagine themselves living there by saying something like, “this kitchen island is perfect for sipping wine and winding down with company.”

  1. Use Narratives to Evoke Emotion

Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication to connect with an audience. A good story will make buyers feel some type of emotion. 

It can be something as simple as your wording, like choosing to describe the home as “a piece of colonial history” as opposed to saying the property is a two-story townhome in Georgetown, DC.

  1. Emphasize Your Core Values

Storytelling is a great tool you can use to not only share your core values in a unique way, but also exemplify how you embody them within your work in real estate.

You can craft a story centered around one or a few of your core values. Whether you share your story in a video or write it down in an Instagram caption, doing this shows your clients how you put your core values into action.

Emphasizing your core values in business elevates your brand perception and makes a great impact on your client relationships. Your clients are more likely to remember you through a compelling story that shows how you embody your core values, like integrity for example, as opposed to just saying it.

Stories that Connect With Your Audience

Building a digital presence comes down to branding and providing value to your audience. Consider sharing personal stories that show who you are and why you work in real estate.

You can make a video sharing a narrative about anything related to you and your real estate career. Here are some of our storytelling content ideas you can use right now:

  • How and why you got into real estate
  • Talk about your why in real estate
  • Client success stories
  • Make an intro video that tells your story
  • Stories that reveal lessons you’ve learned
  • A personal story that reveals your core values

Start Storytelling Today, Scale Your Real Estate Business Tomorrow

Storytelling is one of the most effective Content Marketing strategies that will allow you to connect with your audience, produce higher engagement on your content and win more business overall.

Stories create an emotional attachment and add significant value to a product or service. The more stories you tell in real estate, the more likely viewers are to connect with your brand and buy your services.

Remember, people buy stories. Use storytelling as a marketing strategy and you will become your ideal clients’ only option in the real estate market.