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Video testimonials are a powerful and underused marketing tool realtors can use to scale their businesses. When executed correctly, you can boost conversion rates, generate leads and compel prospects to work with you.

What Is a Real Estate Video Testimonial?

A Video Testimonial is a filmed statement about the service or customer experience your clients received for their real estate transaction. Think of it as being a recommendation for realtors without being too promotional.

What makes video testimonials so great? Viewers don’t look at them like sales pitches. This is because you are using real people to describe their experience with you.

Testimonials have a long shelf life. They are evergreen content that’s perfect to post on your real estate website and social media pages for your clients and new audiences to see.

Why Add Video Testimonials to Your Real Estate Marketing

Execution is the most crucial part of a video testimonial and when executed correctly, you can create incredible social proof for future clients and prospects to see. 

By adding testimonials to your real estate marketing strategy, you will be able to achieve 3 things for your real estate business:

  1. Eradicate concerns prospects had about working with you or your business
  2. Strengthen credibility and build trust for who you are and what you do
  3. Reach new audiences and convert leads

On top of that, you have a great opportunity to add in CTA at the end of your video to encourage your audience to take action, like visiting your website, giving you a call, or sending you a DM.

How to Make Lead-Generating Video Testimonials That Your Clients Actually Watch

Here are our tips for making video testimonials that actually generate leads, keeps your audience engaged, and compel prospects to work with you.

  1. The Key to a Successful Video Testimonial
  2. Who Should Give Your Testimonial
  3. What Questions to Ask for the Testimonial
  4. Quality Production Matters
  5. Our Tips for Making Attention-Grabbing Video Testimonials + Examples

The Key to a Successful Video Testimonial

When it comes to video testimonials, you need to be willing to take a different approach. Nobody wants to watch a video where your clients spend the whole time talking about how great of an agent you are. While it’s good to have clients talk positively about your work, it’s not the purpose of a video testimonial.

The key to producing a successful video testimonial relies on one thing: the ability to tell an interesting story.

You don’t want your video to come off as being too salesy, so focus less on promotion and more on storytelling — that’s how you make a powerful testimonial. Remember, facts tell, but stories sell. 

Who Should Give Your Testimonial

It can’t just be anyone. It shouldn’t even be your biggest fan or clients who love you the most.

Why? You don’t want your video testimonial to sound like a forced promotion or sales tactic.

The ideal client to interview for your testimonial should have at least one of the following:

  1. Big personality

You want to find clients who are really engaging in person or compelling on camera. Find a client who’s a natural on camera. These are often the people with loud personalities who don’t mind being filmed. The more engaging and fun they are, the more your viewers will be tuned in.

  1. Big story

You want to choose a client who has a compelling story to tell. Their story should involve some kind of obstacle, drama or conflict that was resolved by the end of the transaction. These can often be the best stories that will get prospects to say, “if that agent was able to help them, they could help me too.

What Questions to Ask for the Testimonial

Asking the right questions makes the difference between a phenomenal video testimonial and one that’s lacking. Let’s get the most important thing out of the way: ask questions about the client, not you.

Your goal should be to draw out emotion and as many details as possible when asking about your client’s experience with home buying or selling. Get the full story of their experience and make sure they mention any conflict or obstacles during the process and a clear ending that discusses the results you created for them.

Think about the problems you solved for that client and center your questions around that and their home-buying/selling experience.

  1. In the beginning, consider asking:
  • What was the hardest part of the transaction?
  • What concerns or fears did you have coming into this process?
  • Can you give me an overview of your real estate transaction?
  • What obstacles did you face during the process, and how was it resolved?
  • How did you feel when you got to the end of the transaction?

As you are reaching the end of recording your testimonial, ask them questions that relate to your work in some way and helps close out the video.

  1. In the end, consider asking:
  • What would you say about me to your family or friends? 
  • Would you recommend me to family and friends?
  • How would you describe what it was like working with me?
  • How was your home buying/selling experience overall?

Quality Production Matters

Video testimonials should be presentable. They are going up on your website and social media pages, and they serve as a representation of you and your work.

Production quality is just as important as execution!

  1. Interviewing

When it comes to filming the interview for your testimonial, consider having someone else ask the questions. That way, your clients can be completely honest about their experience.

  1. Structure

When asking your clients questions, give them the time and space to take as long as they need. Don’t worry if they go on about their story for an hour — you can always edit this in the future. Make sure you have them introduce themselves and give a short bio of who they are.

  1. Filming

Aim for high-quality video. Your iPhone is likely good enough to film with, but make sure it’s on a tripod and that you have good lighting. If not, consider hiring a videography team to help you make a few video testimonials for your real estate marketing.

  1. Publishing

Publish your testimonial to your real estate website and all your social media pages! A testimonial is excellent marketing collateral so use it wherever you can, but keep in mind the video length. The shorter the better, unless you sacrifice quality.

Website, Youtube, Instagram Video, LinkedIn — 2 to 4 minutes

You can get away with 5 minutes if it’s a great story!

TikTok, IG Reels, Youtube Shorts — less than 2 minutes

Our Tips for Making Attention-Grabbing Video Testimonials + Examples

  1. A video testimonial is only as good as its execution

In order to produce a video testimonial that gets watched and engaged with, you need phenomenal execution. Ask the right questions to the ideal client and encourage them to tell their story. Remember, this is about them, not you.

Video Testimonial Example — Realtor Daryl Judy

  1. Don’t beg clients to be on camera

The worse thing you can do is try to force something out of your clients. Some people are simply not a good fit for the screen — and that’s OKAY. If they are a little reserved but have a great story to tell, consider doing these to help them get comfortable on camera:

  • Give them some coaching. Show them what to expect and what questions you will ask during the interview.
  • Let them know you’re not looking for perfection!
  • Ask if they would be more comfortable having someone else conduct the interview.

If these don’t work, move on and let them go! You can always ask another client who’s more willing to speak about their experience.

Video Testimonial Example — Realtor Holly Martins

  1. Tell your clients that the video will be published online

There’s nothing worse than clients seeing their faces on your website and social media pages without being told! Make sure they know and are comfortable with the video being up online.

Video Testimonial Example — Churchill Mortgage of California

Convert Leads With a Powerful Video Testimonial

Video testimonials are heavily undervalued, yet they have the power to generate leads and boost conversion rates like nothing else. Since people don’t view testimonials as a sales tactic, it’s much easier for viewers to engage and watch the video.

As long as you choose the right client and ask the right questions, your testimonial will compel prospects to want to work with you!

Convert more visitors into buyers and sellers by adding video testimonials to your Real Estate Marketing strategy.