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Add Podcasts to your Real Estate Marketing strategy to build your brand, generate traffic and connect with your audience anywhere at any time.

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is a series of audio episodes focused on a specific topic or niche. They are published on websites or audio platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Youtube and more. 

Think of podcasting as having ‘radio on demand.’ With it, you have the opportunity to provide content that your clients can enjoy on the go. It’s also one of the few content marketing strategies that allow you to connect with your audience anywhere at any time.

Why Add Podcasting to Your Real Estate Marketing

No matter what kind of content you produce, it’s no secret that generating content frequently is the key to building and sustaining a connection with your clients. Similar to other forms of Content Marketing, podcasts have the power to scale your real estate business in a few ways:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Improve web traffic
  • Build brand awareness & credibility 

Podcasting takes your Real Estate Marketing to a completely different level. Here are the two main reasons why you need to implement podcasting into your marketing strategy:

  1. Provide Instant Value

Podcasts allow you to provide undeniable value to your clients in a fun and engaging way. This is because you will either be educating, informing or entertaining your viewers in each episode. In addition, podcasts are really popular because they can be enjoyed between tasks!

  1. Humanize Your Brand

Podcasts allow you to humanize your brand. With podcasts, viewers get the chance to hear your perspective while learning something that may be beneficial for them. It offers you the ability to be yourself, let your personality shine through and give a voice to your brand.

How to Start a Podcast For Your Clients

THIS JUST IN….you DON’T need fancy equipment to start a podcast series. Launch your podcast TODAY simply by using your phone and computer! 

TIP: To get good at the podcasting game, you need to listen to other podcasts! Check out other podcasts that talk about real estate. Consider listening to the TopShotPro podcast, The Producer Mindset, where we discuss tips and tricks for scaling your business in the real estate and mortgage industry.

Establish Your Target Audience

The first thing you need to do before you launch your podcast is to establish your target audience. There are many subcategories within the real estate niche, so you must be specific.

Your target audience should be your ideal client. Knowing who you are talking to will help you come up with content ideas in the future. If you are not sure who your ideal client is, look at the types of clients you helped in the past. 

Here are some examples of groups you may target:

  • Millennial or first-time home buyers & sellers
  • Luxury home buyers & sellers
  • Real estate investors
  • Real estate renters

Define Your Niche and Generate Topics

Your niche will be your specific theme or overarching topic for your entire podcast series. Your theme should be beneficial or informative for your target audience. It also needs to be more specific than simply “a podcast about real estate.”

Think about subjects in real estate that you would love to talk about or learn more about. What kind of topics would your ideal client want to listen to? Keeping your audience in mind is key to maintaining a following of dedicated listeners. 

Make Evergreen Content — content that stays relevant and provides value to your audience no matter when it was posted. An example of this in podcasting is answering common questions people have about the home buying process. For example, a Millennial home buyer may seek a podcast episode on the common misconceptions about the home buying process or tips on how they should plan to purchase their first home.

TIP: You can look at real estate blogs online as inspiration for your content ideas! Blogs provide a lot of information as well as topic ideas that you can pull from to put in your podcast episodes.

Plan Ahead & Write Scripts

Planning will save you a lot of time. Write out a list of ideas or topics you would like to cover in each episode. Try to schedule your podcasts!  

Once you have general topics for a few episodes, start drafting! Before you start filming anything, write out a script of what you want to say or what questions you will ask during that episode. Write it out as if you are speaking. This will help keep you on track when it’s time to record.

If you are an articulate speaker and would prefer to wing it when you record, consider outlining instead. That way, you have a good idea of what you want to include in the episode.

Establish Your Format

Having a format for your podcast will keep things engaging and organized. Consider having your podcast follow one or more of these styles:

  • Interview
  • Solo or monologue
  • Conversational or with co-host(s)

For example, our podcast falls under the interview style where we invite different guests for each episode and conversational style because we have two hosts (Michael and Josh).

Think about whether or not you will cover one or multiple topics within an episode and choose how often you will post. Stick to a schedule — consistency is key.

Filming & Equipment

There are a few ways to record your podcast. If you are just starting, you can use equipment you likely already have, like a computer with a built-in microphone.

Using your phone or computer, you can film in a few ways:

  • Directly into audio editing software like Audacity or Adobe Audition
  • Through video conference software like Zoom
  • Through a remote recording platform like Riverside

You can even use a free audio recorder app on your phone or computer. As long as you can record crisp and clear audio, launching a podcast is easy!

When it’s time to film, make sure you are in an audio-friendly location. In other words, you need to record in a quiet space. The fewer people, the better. You also want to avoid rooms that have an echo. Good audio is crucial!

TIP: Some platforms like Riverside or Zoom allow you to record video along with your audio. This is a great feature to use if you want to promote your podcast on social media or upload your episodes on Youtube.

Publish & Link

Publish your podcast on multiple platforms! That way, your viewers can find you on the audio platform they prefer to use. 

Make sure you are also promoting your podcast where you can. A great way to promote is to link it on your website and social media pages to increase your traffic. This will help you reach new audiences and boost conversions.

Launch Your Podcast Today!

A podcast is a fun and engaging content strategy that allows you to connect with your audience and provide instant value to your viewers. It’s a great way to strengthen your credibility and show that you are an expert in your field.

It doesn’t take a lot to launch a podcast! You can start planning today. Just pick up your phone or computer and follow the tips above. 

Remember, people want to do business with other people — not businesses. Podcasts are a great way to give a voice to your brand and show your clients more of who you are. Take your Real Estate Marketing to the next level by adding a podcast to your marketing strategy!

Michael Rivero

Michael Rivero

Co Founder of TopShotPro a passionate innovator in the marketing industry, with a unique eye for Brand development, strategy, growth, and leadership communications.