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Neighborhood Highlight videos are one of the best Real Estate Marketing strategies that help you beat your competition as a realtor, demonstrate your expertise and provide instant value for prospective buyers.

What Is a Neighborhood Highlight Video?

You know what they say in real estate: the most important factor to consider when buying is the location! 

What is a Neighborhood Highlight video? A neighborhood highlight is a video tour of the local community. It will typically include the region’s amenities, local economy, recreational options, local real estate and more. These videos give viewers a good idea of what the culture and community are like in a specific area.

Giving your clients a tour of the community without them having to leave their homes provides instant value that will be worth anyone’s time!

Why Realtors Need to Make Neighborhood Videos

Incorporating neighborhood video coverage into your marketing strategy will give you the upper-hand against other real estate agents. Think of it as your chance to offer an additional service to your clients. Here are the 3 main benefits of including neighborhood highlights on your website or social media pages.

  1. Beat the competition

The real estate market is highly competitive, so you need to start coming up with ways to stand out from the crowd. Neighborhood highlights give you the perfect opportunity to do so.

  1. Enhance credibility & demonstrate expertise

Producing neighborhood videos teaches you more about the community in which you sell while showing viewers why they should consider living in that area. With these combined, it shows your clients that you know what you are talking about and that they can trust you.

  1. Add value for viewers & prospects

Neighborhood videos undoubtedly provide value for potential buyers. It shows them the clear benefits of living in that specific community in a way that is fun, engaging and not too time-consuming. 

Introducing neighborhood highlight videos into your marketing strategy gives you the advantage as a realtor because you get to offer your clients something that other agents don’t.

Neighborhood Videos Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing

You can’t be afraid to try new things when it comes to your Real Estate Marketing [insert blog link] strategy. Keeping up with current trends and new marketing strategies is the best way to stay ahead of the curve in this industry.

The more you amp up your real estate marketing through technology, the more trust you will gain from Millennial buyers — and while they are only one of the generations buying homes, they are heading into the real estate market at full speed.  

What to Include In Your Neighborhood Video 

Your video will show your viewers all the community has to offer. Here are a few things to consider including in your neighborhood highlight video.

Amenities & Recreation

Show off the community’s amenities and recreational facilities. This can include anything that offers comfort and convenience for residents, or any facility that offers a chance for people to socialize.

  • Parks & green spaces
  • Nature trails
  • Outdoor pools
  • Plazas & shopping centers
  • Transportation systems
  • Restaurants, clubs & nightlife

And the list can go on! 

TIP: When showing aspects of the neighborhood, keep your target audience in mind. Are you selling to young people who are looking for a bit more nightlife or are you selling to families who prefer a quieter lifestyle with parks nearby?

Community Services

Community services are important for any new mover to know about. You don’t necessarily have to show these in your video, but it might be helpful to include a voice-over or speaking segment where you quickly mention these services.

  • Schools & education centers
  • Social services
  • Hospitals & health facilities
  • Police, fire & ambulance services

While some of these may not be the most interesting, they are necessary for new buyers to know about when they are just moving in. Remember to keep it positive and don’t go into the details unless you want to mention something like “this is one of the top school districts in Northern Virginia,” for example.

Local Economy

Share a bit about the local economy. This can include anything from mom-and-pop shops to big chain companies. Consider finding ways to answer these types of questions in your video (keep it short and to the point):

  • Is the local economy thriving?
  • How’s the job market?

You can also mention whether or not the area has room for job opportunities. Small towns and cities typically have more job opportunities than suburban and rural areas. These could be important to mention to buyers who are looking to find employment if they are relocating. 

Neighborhood Culture & Community

Talk about the neighborhood culture and community. Consider answering questions like:

  • Does this area offer city living, suburban or a mix of both?
  • What’s the neighborhood vibe like?
  • What kinds of people live there?

These are important to include because it shows viewers whether or not that community offers what they are looking for in a place to live. For example, a buyer may be looking to live in proximity to other young professionals. Another buyer may be looking for a quieter, suburban area that is more family-oriented. Knowing your target audience is important, and it will make it easier when filming the neighborhood highlight!

Local Real Estate

Consider your target audience when including what the local real estate looks like in a particular area. Are you selling to people who are looking to buy residential, commercial or industrial real estate? 

  1. Residential — single-family homes, townhouses, condos, apartments, gated community
  2. Commercial — investment properties, offices, retail, hospitality
  3. Industrial — warehouses, manufacturing buildings, factories
  4. Agricultural — vacant land, farms, etc

Depending on the type of real estate you specialize in, the neighborhood highlight can make it easy for you to find your ideal client.

Successful Neighborhood Highlights (Examples)

Here’s a list of a successful neighborhood highlight videos from a few realtors who focused on the areas in which they do real estate.

  1. Jay CaputoGeorgetown, Washington DC

He focuses on the Palisades community in the Georgetown area, mentions local amenities and businesses, and touches on what the local real estate looks like.

  1. Peter FergusonShaw, Washington DC

He focuses on Shaw, a specific neighborhood in Washington, DC, and talks about the area’s amenities and culture, including fun facts about its rich history and arts.

  1. Daryl JudyGeorgetown, Washington DC

He focuses on Georgetown, DC, and tells viewers the type of real estate there is. He also touches on the community’s architecture, benefits and local services.

  1. Nelson Marban The Wharf, Washington DC

He focuses on The Wharf, a specific neighborhood in DC. He shows the type of real estate in the area as well as its amenities and architecture. 

  1. Peter FergusonNavy Yard, Washington DC

He focuses on the Navy Yard, a specific neighborhood in DC. He talks about the local real estate and shows the area’s businesses and amenities.

Produce Your Neighborhood Highlight Video Today

Adding a neighborhood highlight video to your social media pages or real estate website will give you the upper-hand against your competition. Because Video Marketing is known to scale businesses, here is an additional video idea you can incorporate into your marketing strategy: How To Film A Listing Video For Your Real Estate Business.

Whether you are filming with your phone or want to invest in a videography team, making neighborhood highlight videos will take your Real Estate Marketing to the next level.

If you understand the value of Video Marketing, but don’t have all the tools or time to get it done — let the marketing experts at TopShotPro create, produce and distribute high-quality video content for your social media pages. Get in touch with us here.

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