Production is the overall process of creating, producing and delivering photo, video and written content. In some cases, this can also be treated equally to filmmaking, photoshoots or blogging.

Production is the phase where video and photo are generally created with a goal in mind. Whether that is to tell a story, or sell a product or service.

TopShotPro Production

Production At TopShotPro

We’re a full-service production machine. We help our clients create videos, photos and written content at the highest level .

We use modern equipment to meet our end-to-end process.

Our Production hub is located in Northern Virginia and is equipped with multiple cameras, lights, microphones, recording microphones, audio mixing, color grading, and animation.

In addition, we offer our clients the ability to book and shoot with professional videographers and photographers to best capture their content.

Furthermore, our editorial team is forward-thinking. We believe that storytelling is the best form of selling any product or service so we feature our expertise in digital marketing and content marketing and mix it with our veterans in video editing to nurture a digital visual that captures the attention of an audience. We assist our clients with all things from scriptwriting to the research for a set topic and post-production services.

All of our big production jobs include Storyboards. We’re big fans of motion designs and animation when needed.

Lastly, our head editor Kevin Tanner is a genius creative helping our clients gage and see visual effects in a new form, we believe that our production team is filled with expert artists armed with top-of-the-line tools and software to explode their imaginative concepts to life for our winning clients.

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