This is the marketing tactic that involves paying for a space in some platform, feature or medium to promote a product, service or cause.

The promotional messages that you see as “sponsored” on social media and billboards are the actual advertisements or ads for short.

In order to understand the overall goal of advertising is to maximize the reach of potential business, and people who are most likely to purchase or pay for a product or service a company entices them to buy.

TopShotPro Advertising

Advertising At TopShotPro

First of all, at TopShotPro we advertise for today’s market place.

Understanding exactly how to bring value on every digital platform we oversee on your behalf we focus on driving real business results.

Our approach is very simple yet effective, we help you advertise your brand for:

  • Brand Awareness – To reach the overall market potential
  • Interest – To see who cares to do business with you at some point
  • Desire – To understand who your Highly Qualified Leads are
  • Action – To get customers to act on your services or products

Why Advertise Like This?

Advertising your business on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or search engines like Google and YouTube ensures that you reach more potential business where they happen to spend most of their time while on mobile.

It’s estimated that the average person in the US uses his or her mobile device roughly 100 times a day. So we want to target all ads where the attention lives, that is how you build brand awareness.

In addition, while Google and YouTube are going to be where most people will begin their search, through brand awareness advertisements we make sure that your name, business, and brand are top of mind when they’re ready to venture into your website, calendar or to meet you in person.

Your target audience lives in the same places where you live, social media, search engines, applications…etc.

Our team of Digital Marketing Strategists and Ad Specialists create and manage campaigns that advance the marketing funnel process, so that you don’t waste any advertising spend.

Finally, our team optimizes all campaigns across all platforms to attract and convert faster depending on the goals you and us come up with.

Conversion Funnels

Our team will illustrate and create custom landing pages for all of your social media advertising campaigns.

We’ll then be able to create a starting point (where we gather data), and begin to set up remarketing campaigns for those potential customers who are not all the way sold yet.

Campaigns with custom conversion funnels like these are our diamond-standard of all advertising because our goal is to always advance the process of your sales cycle while creating brand equity.

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