Facebook Advertising For Real Estate Agents

Winning Strategies to help you Find Sellers & Buyers through Facebook.

Over the last couple of years, Facebook ads for realtors have changed how marketing in the real estate industry works. There’s no other method that has been as efficient and effective in reaching more people within a hyperlocal market at a more affordable rate.

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The Best Facebook Ads for Realtors

Winning Strategies to help you Find Sellers & Buyers through Facebook.

Over the last couple of years, Facebook ads for realtors have changed how marketing in the real estate industry works. There’s no other method that has been as efficient and effective in reaching more people within a hyperlocal market at a more affordable rate.

Facebook ads for real estate agents, however, have changed drastically in the last two years. With Facebook changing how real estate professionals can Target specific demographics based on income, zip codes, and housing credit, it has become much more challenging to create effective and convert ads for real estate agents.

Real estate agents advertised on Facebook are likely to have some success. But only if they use a proper strategy and create consistent content to build and develop trust with their audience and continue producing content that allows them to reach more people more frequently. In contrast, they make more impact in their hyperlocal Market.

Before we begin talking about the best-performing Facebook ads for realtors, we must have a couple of things in place. First of all, we must build a convincing Facebook page. Therefore, the first step to use Facebook ads is to have a Facebook business page for your business, which will allow you to create a business manager account from which you will have the opportunity to create an additional account and begin advertising.

It&’s important to note that you will have a wide array of categories to choose from when you’ve created your Facebook business page. First, you should list all fundamental estate-related categories for more exposure. Once that’s complete, you must first upload a Facebook profile photo. Next, we recommend having a video intro on your Facebook Banner page and ensuring that you have all the proper calls to action end contact details listed on your Facebook business page.

The second step is creating some awareness around your new Facebook business page. You can invite your friends, which will be the easiest way to gain some traction and visibility for your new page. This visibility is also critical because it allows you to invite friends, family, and the people who already know like and trust you.

Once you’ve increased the number of page followers in page likes, your Facebook business page will have more credibility, which will make it easier for Facebook’s algorithms to see the type of people and the areas where your ass would perform best. It would help if you did not start advertising as soon as you create your Facebook business page, as this will not help you convert well. Social media and particularly Facebook, rewards content creators.

As a real estate agent, the best Facebook ads will only work if you’ve already shown some content concerning your industry and your expertise.

Now that we have that understood let’s look at the Top 3 Facebook ad strategies for realtors.

Brand Awareness Campaigns for Real Estate Agents

As of 2021, 95% of the content we consume on social media is video, Facebook is all about paying to play, so it makes sense to use the most sought-after and used piece of content to create the highest level of impact.

Organic reach on Facebook business it’s not something that we can rely on any longer. So this technique is why using brand awareness campaigns is going to help you get The Winning Edge.

Facebook has four types of campaign goals, and right now, we’re going to focus on brand awareness.

Brand awareness campaigns allow you to advertise to a broader audience who may or may not have encountered you before. This strategy is an excellent option for real estate agents who are just starting with Facebook advertising. brand awareness campaigns for realtors provide an opportunity for greater exposure in comparison to any of the other types of drives available on Facebook

Reaching a new audience of people with engaging video content can be all your page needs to find buyers and sellers. The best Facebook ads for realtors sometimes don’t even require sound. Instead, it’s asked about capturing the attention so that you may build retargeting audiences later on.

You want to keep in mind that human attention span is constantly decreasing. We live in a 3-second world, and ads that are typically less than 30 seconds will get the most views.

Videos that keep it short and sweet work well initially to create more brand awareness, visibility and they help shorten the lead generation process.

When you’re running brand awareness campaigns, we recommend simply focusing on your hyper-local target market as you will need to advertise to an audience of 18 to 65-year-olds to comply with Facebook’s current advertising guidelines. You can also Target by demographics interest and, in some cases, behaviors. However, it’s crucial to understand and know that you are simply throwing a big wide net into the ocean to capture the eyeballs and attention from people living within your Marketplace when running a brand awareness campaign.

Driving Traffic To A Webinar / Video Landing Page

Another Facebook Ad Campaign for Realtors that can benefit you is a Traffic Campaign.

The goal of creating a traffic campaign is to send people to your Facebook page or your website to take some form of action. For example, one of the best Facebook ads for realtors leads people through a funnel where they can ultimately provide you with things like their name, phone number, and email.

It’s best to use a traffic campaign to view your website or a landing page where you explain your services. Ask that typically the first place where a buyer or a seller will begin to make a conscious buying decision.

Whether you have a video on your website or you have a video webinar on a landing page, your mission is to be relatable to establish trust and provide value in their current home buying or selling situation. Your explanation of services should let them know how you will give them the best solution for what tends to be one of the most significant transactions people make in their lives.

The ultimate goal of the videos on your landing page or website is to prove that you are the right realtor for the client. It also incentivizes them to work with you because you’re able to Showcase your expertise and use of Technology in an industry where the average real estate agent is 47 years of age and up.

Facebook has a fantastic option that lets you feature small bits of your webinar as a video ad. You can choose to give a sneak peek to the people that follow and like your page by showing your viewers some of the most exciting parts of your video or webinar, as this will encourage them to click things like the learn more or sign up buttons.

To have the most effective Facebook ad as a real estate agent, you must keep the topic of the video or the webinar engaging and relevant to your audience. The final step is to make sure that you are tracking the success of your ads by implementing a Facebook pixel on your landing page or your website.

Lead Form Campaigns

One of Facebook’s best lead generation features is its forms. These forms are typically pre-filled with a user’s first name, last name, email, and phone number if they’ve provided that information to Facebook; 98% of the time, that is the case.

When you first started using Facebook ads as a real estate agent, your typically simply working on the basics, such as driving more brand awareness and visibility to your brand and your business.

Using clear calls to action on your video ads on Facebook when using the lead generation campaign format, making it easier for buyers and sellers to raise their hands if they are ready to do business and provide you with their information.

A simple way to ease people into giving you their information on Facebook is by using the call to action ” Send Message.” This technique will let them send you a message without creating any fiction or having to give you any more data or information than they want to share.

The benefit of having people message you directly on Facebook is that now you will retarget them. You have started a conversation without having them leave the application. You can use this to your advantage by targeting them with more information by providing them some of the resources you might have for buyers and sellers. You can periodically send messages to check in on them and start building a relationship.

Facebook ads don’t work unless you do, which is why we asked our real estate agents who are running Facebook ads to spend at least one to two hours weekly checking in on their Facebook leads. If this is something you cannot do, instead of asking yourself how can I manage yet another lead generation source, ask who can handle this lead generation source.

The more interactions you get on Facebook, the more you stay top of the mine to people, the simpler it will be for you to convert those people who send you a message.

There are many other Facebook Ads for realtors that can work as well. To conclude:

We have given you the top 3 Best Facebook ads for realtors. Now it’s your time to take action. Remembering that marketing is a long-term play and not a short-term gain will help you stay consistent and persistent with your Facebook advertising Adventures.

Suppose you invest strategically in social media marketing and Facebook advertising. In that case, it can single-handedly make you the most remembered real estate agent in your city. You are one Facebook add Away From Success.

And if you are not fully confident in running your Facebook ads, feel free to contact us here at TopShotPro.

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