Michael Rivero Director of Branding

An innovative marketer who helps businesses leverage digital marketing & automated outreach strategies. In addition to his local marketing expertise, Michael Rivero helps his clients target Millenial & Gen Z demographics through social media and advertising. His passion is built on branding, local marketing, advertising and all things WWE in that order.

Josh McQuaig Head of Content Development

Most fascinated with the history and principles of marketing. Josh McQuaig strives to apply these principles to a modern medium (social media and search engines). He’s an expert in local marketing, storytelling and relationship building. Also, Josh is a passionate Nats fan and loves all things Baseball

What is TopShotPro

Created by Michael Rivero & Joshua McQuaig, TopShotPro, is a new kind of Digital Branding & Digital Marketing agency. One that focuses on nurturing the intersection between your brands message and people.

Beginning with storytelling TopShotPro uses Omnichannel strategies, innovative solutions, creativity and forward-thinking. Together we help you solidify and enhance the connection to your target audience.

As a result, TopShotPro is recognized for it’s non-traditional, risk-taking, creative approach, TopShotPro is a leader in creating a video, photo and branded content today for tomorrow.

Moreover, our hub is based out of Northern Virginia in the backyard of our nation’s capital Washington DC.

The TopShotPro team prides itself on serving the concepts, ideas, and the vision that captivate customers.

In addition, we help your brand nourish the bond your audience shares with your brand and create a relationship that will grow by advancing the process of knowing you, liking you, and trusting your brand over time.

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