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TopShotPro is the leading Video Marketing Team for Real Estate Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners looking to elevate their Brand’s Message across all available Digital Platforms.

Founded by Michael Rivero & Joshua McQuaig, TopShotPro is a Digital Branding & Digital Marketing Agency focused on helping their clients nurture the intersection between their brand and the people they want to connect with online.

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Beginning with Storytelling, TopShotPro uses Omnichannel strategies, innovative marketing solutions, creative and forward thinking to create unique Marketing strategies for all of their clients. Together the TopShotPro team helps you solidify and enhance the connection and influence you have with your target Audience.

As a result TopShotPro’s methodology is D.E.F.Y which simply stands for Do Everything For You, which is the thought and mindset of your Marketing team managing your marketing needs and wants while you as a business owner work on building your business and expanding your capabilities.

TopShotPro has been recognized by Marketers Media, Fox News, Vizaca and Disruptor for their non-traditional, risk-taking, creative and strategic approach to Video Marketing and Digital Marketing in general. TopShotPro is the leader in creating video content both on site and remotely, photo and branded content for their clients.

Moreover, TopShotPro is based in Northern Virginia right outside of Washington DC yet it has a reach and influence nationwide working with Top Producing Real Estate Professionals and Thriving small businesses all around the country.

TopShotPro prides itself on serving their clients with new concepts, ideas and expanding their sales capabilities through video marketing connecting them with their desired customers.

TopShotPro has helped over 1000 Real Estate Professionals across the US helping them build a nourishing personal Brand, bonding with their audience and creating online relationships that advance the process of know, like and trust turning them into offline transactions and relationships.