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Content Marketing is one of the busiest tasks in Marketing for any industry. However since 2019 TopShotPro has been helping Top Producing Realtors across the country generate more business, build more brand awareness, and elevate their online presence through video and content marketing. 

In this blog we’re going to go over the Top 5 Types of Content Real Estate Agents must use for their 2022 Content Strategy.  Let’s Begin.


Giving your local audience a taste and reason to click is important. What really works for realtors online is giving local market updates with context for the everyday consumer. What does this mean? People want to learn more about real estate, yet more often than not real estate agents get caught up in the jargon and fail to keep things simple for their buyers and sellers. 

As it relates to giving local market updates online, people want to see if their home prices are increasing, decreasing, or staying the same. This is one of the best ways to attract locals to your social media pages.

It’s important to provide true context behind every one of these local market updates because again, your audience doesn’t understand your jargon. Teach people why their home values have gone up and why that is important to them. Provide people an in-depth breakdown on all the numbers, remember that people want value adding content. 

Give your audience content worth listening to, watching, and reading.

Neighborhood Updates

As the markets change, so do the prices of homes in different communities. Doing Neighborhood Updates whenever they happen is a MUST for any real estate agent looking to get known in a particular area or neighborhood. 

How are neighborhood updates different from local market updates?

This is simple, you are only speaking to one community as opposed to an entire zip-code. 

Your job here is to present what’s happening…

Are there any events happening in the neighborhood? 

Maybe a block party?

A new playground nearby? 

New restaurants?

People want to be in the know of things. It’s a great way to increase your search engine rankings if you’re writing a blog about this, while also creating video content. 

When you’re the first to vlog and blog something, google typically offers you more visibility right away. Your job in your target neighborhoods is to STAY CURRENT. 

Listings & Open Houses

Here’s where you get to self promote, and gloat a bit. 

Agents on social media are starting to look like used car salesmen. You can do better. 

Your listings are of course going to be published in places like the MLS, your website, and perhaps you’ll share them to facebook groups and a group of other sites across the web. However social media gives you an opportunity to produce the right type of content for your listings. 

You can use your listing as a blog, where you write in detail what the property amenities and community amenities look like and what they’re all about. 

You can take photos of your listings and make sure that you’re in some of them as you discuss in detail what you love about your listing. (or what you don’t like)

You should have a listing video, and a listing walkthrough of your property. Your listing video is good for sites like the MLS, Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com whereas a Listing walkthrough gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise on social media in front of hundreds if not thousands of people. 

Lastly, showing your listings in a more creative way than just a single photo gives you an opportunity to give people insight into the type of homes that are available, and also the expertise you bring to the table when they list with you. 

Buyer Questions

When you’re targeting buyers it’s important to address their questions consistently. Afterall buying a home is typically the biggest transaction that they will have in their lifetime. 

Everytime you interact with a potential home buyer whether it’s at an open house and they have any type of questions it’s important that you write them down.

The next step for you is to create a quick short form video piece of content, and also write down a long-form answer to their question for your blog, caption, and social media posts. 

As you gather these FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) You can form an E-Book that ultimately becomes a downloadable lead gen machine for you and your business. 

Seller Questions

When it comes to Seller content you use the same thought process as you would for your buyers. The only thing that is changing is their position in the transaction. 

With sellers the content marketing strategies that are most useful are those that teach them how to get the most amount of money for their property. So be VISUAL. Showcase different areas of the homes that you tour and teach them about the ways they could improve certain areas of their home, and of course how you could be the resource that they need.


If you’re really trying to take your content marketing to the next level this year, we are accepting new clients who want to be effective and efficient with all forms of content we’re talking:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Blogs
  • Stock Branded Posts
  • Podcasts

Get in contact with one of our experts today! Thanks for visiting our Blog.

Michael Rivero

Michael Rivero

Co Founder of TopShotPro a passionate innovator in the marketing industry, with a unique eye for Brand development, strategy, growth, and leadership communications.