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You’re in the right place to learn how to create marketing and sales videos that work. Often, people are told that video marketing is the way to go. Yet we see that they don’t always have a clear path of doing so.

These days, there’s no denying that the majority of good business comes from online.  Whether that be social media connections, someone sharing a post of yours, or even clients finding you through your website. The fact is, your online presence can boost your real-life business infinitely. 

If you haven’t started utilizing video as part of your marketing and sales strategy, the time to begin is now.  Even if you’ve been making your own videos for a while and want to boost your success with them to the max, you’re gonna want to read on.  

Here at TopShotPro broken down our process into a 3 Step Formula that will help you not only vastly improve your video quality, but also reduce your work time down by 50% or more.  If you follow this formula, we guarantee it’ll take your videos to the next level.  

Let’s jump right into it. 

Step 1:  Creating The Hook In Your Videos

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Do I have Your Attention?

I’m gonna be blunt if you didn’t get your viewer past the first 25 seconds of your video, you’ve lost them.  Actually, studies show that the average viewer’s attention span is 8 seconds, but we’re gonna focus a little further than that.  A sure-fire way to keep your viewer engaged is to come up with a solid hook.  

Your hook should consist of two parts:  a teaser and a logo reveal.  Think of your teaser as a montage of what your viewer is about to see — quick and exciting.  

Your logo reveal should be a motion graphic that sets a certain expectation.  You want your viewer to feel like they’re about to spend time viewing a polished piece of content. Something as simple as an animated motion graphic can achieve this easily.  Whatever you choose to go with, your motion graphic should stay consistent through your videos.  A logo is a brand in itself.  

Step 2:  The Marketing and Sales Video Break Down

Once you’ve gotten your viewer past the logo, it’s time to dive into what your video is about.  

You or your host should introduce themselves, and then quickly layout the talking points of the video in concise segments.  The reason why it’s so important to break down your video’s subject matter goes back to the attention span thing.  If your viewer can see where you’re going, they’ll be more inclined to take the journey with you.  

Think of your videos as bullet-point lists brought to life.  Bite-sized chunks of information are much easier to retain and follow along with as opposed to a five-minute speech.  If you’re organized, your viewers will respect that and trust that you know what you’re talking about. 

Step 3:  Implementing The Video Call to Action

You’ve armed your viewer with all of this top-notch information and you’ve said all you set out to say. 

So, what’s next?  

Now is the time to throw in a classic Call to Action. Give your audience a clear path forward and let them know what the next best thing they should do is.  Maybe they should visit another one of your videos to learn more about a particular subject.  Maybe they should sign up for your newsletter to get further updates about your services.  Whatever it may be, give them some direction so they can take action and contribute to their own learning in a tangible way.  

Your Call to Action should always end on a positive note and leave your audience feeling good about the experience they just had while watching your video.  They’ll remember that positivity the next time they see something new from you and be that much more inclined to watch again.  

These 3 steps have been proven to not only boost the video quality, but also help grow and retain an audience over a long period of time.  If you’re skeptical, I challenge you to try this formula out on one of your videos.  

I guarantee the results will speak for themselves. 

Finally if you’re really serious about your business and you would like further clarification on how to create marketing and sales videos for your business. Please feel free to reach out to us directly here.

Or, you can always schedule a free consultation call with us at calendly.com/topshotpro

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