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In this guide, you will find the best tips and practices for launching your real estate podcast series that will ultimately generate leads, humanize your brand and build your real estate business overall.

Podcasting as a Real Estate Marketing Strategy

As we all know by now, creating content and posting it on your social media channels is a powerful outlet for business growth.

Why? Consumers don’t want to see tired-out, intrusive marketing tactics anymore. The best way to promote your brand in this day and age is by establishing your digital presence, showing up as a leader in your field, and building a solid personal brand. Content production has the power to do just that.

That’s where podcasting comes in. Similar to other forms of Content Marketing, podcasting is a content marketing strategy you can use to scale your real estate business in tremendous ways.

Think of podcasting as having ‘radio on demand’ — content that your viewers can tune into anywhere at any time. 

Launching a real estate podcast series is a great idea if you want to…

  • Reach new audiences and generate leads in real estate
  • Be perceived as a leader in the industry
  • Build your brand’s awareness & credibility
  • Provide instant value & educational content to prospects

As a real estate agent, creating a podcast series allows you to connect with your audience and provide content they can enjoy on the go. If you don’t know the basics of podcasting, check out our blog on how to launch a real estate podcast series.

Best Tips for Creating a Lead-Generating Podcast Series

These tips are the key to creating a real estate podcast series that can scale your real estate marketing.

  1. Find Your Why For Your Series + Target Audience

Figure out the goal and overall mission of your podcast series. What are you trying to achieve in starting the series?

Identify your ideal client by looking at your current client base and figuring out their age, demographic, lifestyle, etc. If you already post on social media, you can look at your analytics to figure out who is currently watching your content. If not, think about the type of clients you like to work with or currently serve.

Here are some examples of groups you may target:

  • Millennial or first-time home buyers & sellers
  • Luxury home buyers & sellers
  • Real estate investors
  • Real estate renters

Think about the value you want to bring to your audience — what can you uniquely offer to clients that other real estate agents can’t?

If you are completely lost, check out TopShotPro’s video podcast series as a source of inspiration.

  1. Plan Your Podcast Content

The best way to succeed in anything is to come up with a plan — the same is true for launching your podcast.

The most challenging thing about starting your Real Estate podcast is coming up with content ideas. You can use Google Trends to research ideas for your podcast. Using this tool, you can search for content ideas using terms like “real estate” and “housing market.”

The more prepared you are with topic ideas, the easier it will be to stay consistent in producing and publishing your podcast series.

  1. Use This Strategy to Gain Organic Traffic on Youtube

The key to growing your podcast series on YouTube is engagement — not the number of views. The algorithm will put your video in front of new audiences if the video is getting likes, comments, shares, and has good audience retention. Audience retention is how long viewers stay on your video and the longer it is, the more it will be pushed out by the algorithm.

There are a few main ways to gain traffic, specifically on the YouTube platform. Viewers will be able to find your podcast content in the following ways:

  • Suggested videos — these are videos your viewers are likely to watch and like, and they will show up alongside or below your video.
  • Browse features — your video can pop up on YouTube’s home, trending page, and subscription feed based on how well it is doing in terms of engagement.
  • YouTube search — your potential viewers can find your video by typing in a few keywords in YouTube’s search bar. To rank in search, you must maximize your reach by including SEO and keywords in the titles and descriptions of your videos.
  • Notifications — this alerts your subscribers when you publish a video and make it public online.
  1. Organize Your Podcasts Into Youtube Playlists

Organizing your podcasts into playlists makes it easily accessible for your viewers to watch other videos you have shared on YouTube. These playlists should have a similar theme or overarching topic that makes sense together — don’t just compile random videos into a playlist.

Creating a playlist of your podcast series will do the following to grow your channel:

  • Make it easier for viewers to watch the next episode without having to find it themselves
  • Provides you with a single link with all your podcast episodes in one place
  • Allows viewers to see your full podcast series in order
  1. Create Eye-Catching Titles & Thumbnails

When you start producing your video podcast series on Youtube, you need to make sure you create eye-catching titles and thumbnails to get more clicks on your videos. 

The title and thumbnails for your podcast series should be:

  • Accurate in representing what the video is truly about
  • Concise in that your title should be no longer than 70 characters
  • Searchable so that viewers can easily find your videos (focus on the most important words and ideas of the episode and use search-friendly keywords)
  • Engaging to entice viewers to click on your video
  • Consistent so that viewers easily recognize your series, no matter which platform it is (keep the same podcast title for all platforms)

Keep in mind that titles and thumbnails can make a huge difference in a viewer’s decision to click and watch your video. 

  1. Consistency Is The Money-Maker

Set expectations for your audience by showing up. Stick to a release schedule — a set time and day of the week you will post an episode. When you post consistently and according to a schedule, your audience will be more likely to tune in.

Sticking to a consistent schedule is more important than posting frequently.

For example, it’s better to post once a month consistently as opposed to posting three times in one week and none the next week.

TIP: Keep your content manageable. If you can’t commit to posting twice a week consistently, consider a posting schedule that works more realistically for you.

  1. Don’t Fear Promotion

Use your social media platforms to promote your podcast! Consider making an Instagram post or story to tell your audience a new episode has been published.

Create content from your podcast series. Consider cutting your episodes into sound bites or short clips that bring more viewers and entice them to watch the full episode. Look at how we leverage Instagram to promote our podcast series.

We cut short clips from our podcast episodes and posted them as reels on Instagram.

Use CTAs to point your viewers in the right direction and get them to take action, like clicking the link in the bio to watch your podcast series.

  1. Film Your Podcasts in Video

Youtube audiences prefer video podcasts over audio podcasts. So, if you plan to post your series on Youtube, try to film a video along with your audio. 

Here’s how to decide what format is best for you and your brand:

Audio-Produced Podcasts

  • Limited resources
  • You want to build brand and channel awareness
  • You only have the time and resources to commit to recording just audio

Video-Produced Podcasts

  • Performs better than audio-only content on Youtube
  • Brings instant value to viewers
  • Humanizes and puts a face behind your brand
  • Better accessibility since videos incorporate body language and lip reading
  1. The Best Production Styles for Youtube Podcasts

You don’t need fancy equipment or a done-up studio to create a video podcast series. Keep it simple and consider the following when filming.

Use this camera setup in one location if you are having guests in person.

  • Keep shots wide for hosts
  • Use single shots for each individual host when they are speaking

Use this video setup for remote production (like The Producer Mindset podcast). 

  • Establish shot of all hosts in “video conference”
  • Use single cameras for each individual host when speaking
  1. Humanize Your Brand to Connect with Your Audience

People want to work and do business with other people, not businesses. Your real estate podcast series can do the following for your business:

  • Give a voice to your brand
  • Show more of who you are
  • Develop a connection with your audience

Launch Your Real Estate Podcast Series

Start your podcast series to take your Real Estate Marketing to the next level. Podcasting allows you to connect with your audience anywhere at any time — a unique way to interact with current and new viewers.

Podcasting is a lead-generating content strategy that provides instant value to viewers, strengthens your credibility and positions you as a leader in your industry. So, what’s stopping you from taking advantage of this powerful content marketing strategy?
If you want more info on how to start your real estate podcast series, check out our blog here.

Michael Rivero

Michael Rivero

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